Gijs Meevissen

Gijs Meevissen

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very cool! someone made this table with letters from an old printing press.

Hand-written... - vintage - style - classic - luxury - antique - amazing - beautiful - classy - decor

week 4 #2 Dramatic tension that breaks allows Nora to tell Toravald exactly how she feels and to see how Torvald will never see and treat nora with respect .

old letters

Old letters in the basket!

Old keys framed on an old letter... Maybe put in a shadow box or find a bunch of old keys and do something original with them....

Old letters... love the stamps! I have the love letters my Grandpa sent my Grandma from 1912

When Torvald gives into Nora's demands, the tension greatly decreases. Nora is no longer as worried or stressed Torvald will read the letter and become mad at her.

The wonder of discovering and reading old letters.

Free Printable Letters! These are 5x7 and so cute! Who doesn't love FREE?