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Built by DISEÑO ESPACIAL in Mexico City, Mexico with date Images by Ana Eunice Ortíz Pámanes. Akin to the process of building a ship in a bottle, the construction of Casa Murray was conditioned to the amount of .

odD House 1.0 / odD+

Built by odD+ in Quito, Ecuador with surface Images by Jose Ignacio Correa & Jean-Claude Constant L. odD House located in the sector of Tumbaco in Quito, Ecuador was conceived as a therapeutic
experiment and chang.

COBE - Project - New flagship building for adidas - Meet and Eat

A winner has been selected from a shortlist of 30 international teams to design the new sq m Meet & Eat facility at the adidas flagship in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Danish architects COBE will collaborate with German COBE Berlin, Knippers

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter - Project - Community Church Knarvik

Built by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter in Knarvik, Norway with date Images by Hundven-Clements Photography. The new Community Church in Knarvik, located on the scenic west-coast of Norway north of Bergen, is built on a privil.