Gina Lopes Cardozo

Gina Lopes Cardozo

Gina Lopes Cardozo
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De Stijl - rechte hoeken, strakke lijnen, primaire kleuren

/ Michael deal de stijl: the art of an era. The artist used the De Stijl style in his design but has a more geometric feel than flat to the paper. -Design Elements / Selected by

Bauhaus design laat mij goed zien hoe simpele elementen een ontwerp kunnen beïnvloeden #Bauhaus #Design #Architecture

The manifesto of the Bauhaus Movement is what my group mate and I tried to reproduce on the background for the photoshoot in order to have a visual reference to such time period.

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Margery was not exactly obsessed with sex, she was a virgin, but she thought about having sex a lot. She loved to flirt with boys, teasing them about what she could do to them, what they could do to her.