Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Cucumber Bites

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Cucumber Bites

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Cucumber Bites - A quick, light appetizer that takes just minutes to assemble! Always a hit at parties! I'd do goat cheese rather than cream cheese

Chili and Cornbread - Lunchbox Inspiration

Chili & cornbread in a jar - awesome next-day (or day-after-next) lunch idea. Make chili for dinner, then cornbread, but save a bit of the batter to top off a jar's worth of chili.

Aloha Meatballs. I'm thinking of doing frozen meatballs in the sauce with pineapple and veggies served with rice

Aloha Meatballs

Aloha Meatballs Recipe ~ OMG They Are Soooo Yummy, Not To Mention, EASY! {Use adiels terriyaki chicken meatballs instead!

The best crab dip recipe ever

The best crab dip recipe ever

Crab Dip in Phyllo Cups. Standard crab dip gets perked up with fresh dill, lemon juice, and hot sauce. Try it on crackers or in phyllo cups.

appetizer salads at a party by mufs

Post image for Quick and Easy Recipes for Summer Entertaining. When it’s hot outside, there’s nothing better than a crisp, cool salad. An arugula salad with strawberries, goat cheese and almonds topped with a homemade poppyseed dressing. The beauty of thi

Wedding Wednesday - Food and Cakes

Delicious alternative wedding day eats

For the kiddos, Wedding finger food corn dogs, grilled cheese triangles with tomato soup shots and more. This is the food I want at my wedding.

heavy hors d'oeuvres for wedding reception | splurge on hors d oeuvres i know the word splurge

Such neat ideas for serving foods like loaded baked potato soup and shrimp cocktail! Could use disposable clear plastic cups too!

deep-fried ravioli on a stick

Deep-fried cheese ravioli on a stick - ROTFLMAO! I can't see "on a stick" without laughing my --- off! But - most edibles "on a stick" are good for picnics.

Amsterdamse tulpjes

Tomato tulips w/ green onion stems. Pretty salad or appetizer idea. Cut tomatoes as shown, scoop out pulp and seeds, then fill with your favorite herbed cream cheese, cottage cheese, or a creamy salad mixture. Add green onions as "stems.

mini grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup shots!Grilled cheese and Tomato soup in my house use to be considered gourmet delight.after all it is comfort food!