10 simple Autumn crafts that you will fall for.

Autumn Crafts That You Will Fall For

10 DIY Autumn crafts that you will fall for. Fall is such a great season, and one of my favorite activities is updating my decor with all things autumn - while sipping warm apple cider (of course.) These are some of my favorite DIY autumn crafts.


"Fairy house made from a jar and Polymer Clay" . here they made a Fairy House Candle

Preschool- Fall Activities -- Creative Curriculum GOLD objectives 7a, 8b, 11a, 11b, 11c, 20a, 20b, 20c, & 25

fall leaf counting mats (could also use flowers, green leaves, and snowflakes for other seasons) // preschool lesson plans. Now that is a good idea.


Camping Classroom theme-reading by the campfire all year! (Chairs from Walmart, AstroTurf from Home Depot, fire wood and fire colored tissue paper, butcher paper tent and trees )


rafale de vant-ex.

Or use wine corks as stamps for larger version of tree

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Fall trees Q-tip painting. Cute and simple craft for the kids.heck, I'd like to try this myself! :) Creative Kids,DIY & Crafts for kids,Fabulous little Artists: Art ideas and lessons for Ideas,K



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Fall Crafts for Kids: Tissue Paper Tree

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We have so many chestnut trees on our street and my girl loves collecting them.

Can not wait to make this with the kids, maybe this weekend. Serenity You: 10 Kids Fall Crafts

recycle kids crafts bird feeders - another school project? Imagine watching the birds feeding in winter







Meten , thema herfst

Meten , thema herfst


Beautiful Fall Themed Classroom, and everywhere (floor, corner, shelfs, tables) are invitations to start playing.under de (parasol) mushroom are baskets with little things. Idea from kleutergroep.