Fall Dot Painting {Free Printables

These Fall Dot Painting worksheets are a fun mess free painting activity for young kids that work on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Grab your free printable now! Toddlers and preschoolers love them. They work great with Do a Dot Markers.

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Quiet Time Activity for Preschoolers: Fall Button Trees

Kralen rijgen aan kale takken: leuke motorische oefening!

Autumn Tree Fine Motor Threading

Egel stempelen met vork

Craft of the Week: 6 Fall Crafts for Kids

Using forks for printing. Would make such a cute project for Kdg. I could see them making some very funny porcupines! Fork stamp would be good for hay stacks or a dog. Can use fork for upper grades and manipulate so just 2 prongs were printed and etc.

Cute Paper Plate Craft - perfect to practice early scissor skills!

Hedgehog Paper Plate Craft

Cute Paper Plate Craft - **Or use regular paper for easier preschool cutting practice! Print on brown paper for Brown Week!