Aude Tahon

Dress by Aude Tahon with a butterfly wing jewellery sleeve; the textile is pleated, painted and the jewellery bordure is made from Korean knot-work. Aude Tahon's fashion pieces are dialogues with the body and its movements.

grey, compact plaids of fabric

Fabric Manipulation for fashion design - structured straight row gathering for a decorative textured effect; couture sewing // Yiqing Yin // Empress of Style

Chemisette: "Little Chemise" is worn by women under a dress to cover the neck and chest area without added bulk.

Chemisette: was also used in the empire period, was mostly for modesty of the chest, worn under the dress which made it different from the fichu because it was worn over the dress.

back to the sea | some sea-related work in progress | Eva | Flickr

Tinctory - uk Fine dimensional pleat detail - blue & green sea inspired fabric manipulation samples, developed into jewellery



Kerry Cassill - Luxury Indian printed Bedding and Apparel — Waterlily Duvet

thingsorganizedneatly:    Cy Twombly’s workspace photographed by David Seidner

Cy Twombly’s desk (Photo by David Seidner from Artists at Work).I'm a sucker for art supplies