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What to say when a potential client says you’re too expensive

What do you when a potential client says you're too expensive? Here are three options you can use to deal with this tricky client situation!

Beginners guide to hosting successful webinars | tools & tips

Beginners guide to hosting successful webinars. Find out what tools to use to make your webinars presentation plus learn how to promote your webinars.


First have this to say, that traffic is the life blood of any online business, even if you have the best web or professional site. ...

6 Strategic Ways to Actually Make Money With Your Email List - Melyssa Griffin

Hooooly moly. I think I just took the longest blogging hiatus of my life. Thanks for not attacking me with virtual pitchforks or anything, you guys are the best. 😉 Lately, I’ve been focusing on teaching people how to utilize their email lists because I know that a person’s email list is one of their biggest assets…and I want […]

Strategies To Follow To Improve Social Media Marketing - Startup Digital Business

When you are thinking about establishing a money making website, or if you already have one,...

Minimalist Boss - 10 Reasons Why You Need to Start Doing Webinars Like Yesterday

Umm … guys? I am super incredibly pee-your-pants excited to introduce my new signature course that shows you exactly how to conquer stage fright and put on a killer webinar so that you can feel confident, have fun and make moo-lah!

Digital Eye Media

Digital Eye Media - 895 Dove St, Newport Beach, California 92660 - Rated 5 based on 3 Reviews "Very Cool"

How I Grew my Pinterest from 7k to 100k Monthly Viewers in 2 Months - TheContentBug

Learn how I grew my Pinterest from 7,000 to 100,000 monthly viewers in 2 months! And you can do it too with the actionable steps included.

10 things I do every week to grow my online presence • XO Sarah

Overwhelmed my doing 'all the things'? Here are the 10 weekly blogging tasks that make the most impact on growing my online presence.

6 Reasons You Need To Start Doing Webinars ASAP (Webinar Rockstar® is Here.) — Mariah Coz

I am so psyched to finally introduce my new masterclass course on creating, promoting and profiting from webinars: Webinar Rockstar™ Lately, lots of people have called me the "webinar queen", or a "webinatrix" and I've shown my clients and colleagues how to do what I do with

3 Instagram Strategy Mistakes Keeping You From Success

If you’re struggling to get the results you want on Instagram, you might be making one of these fatal Instagram strategy mistakes. Find out which mistakes you're making and how to fix them in order to maximize your Instagram strategy to grow your following and boost your exposure.

Account Suspended

How to decide what to sell on your webinar (even if you don’t have any products or services). Page by page breakdown of each section of the webinar presentation and how much time each needs to take (this isn’t as simple as fitting everything into 30 minutes – there’s psychology behind it). The secret to ‘selling without selling’ on a webinar. Webinars can either hook people in or turn them away. We show you the exact words to use that capture the attention of your audience so they sell…

A 5 Step Guide Branding Your Social Media - YourChicGeek

Its tough to stand out on social media. If you want to get noticed branding your social media will help. This post covers 5 ways to do so...

Account Suspended

Starting an email list is not too complicated. This post shows 2 steps to build an email list for beginners and it's all free. Start sending emails today.

Easiest Way To Make Money Online

You often hear the phrase "done for you" banded about. Well in this case it's true... 1. Someone else does all the website set-up 2. Someone else does all of the email follow-up with your leads 3. Someone else