Giulia Galetta

Giulia Galetta

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Steam Powered Giraffe Hatchworth's great, but i miss the Jon...

Steam Powered Giraffe poster ~ From top to bottom: The Spine, Hatchworth, Rabbit

Steam Powered Giraffe! Rabbit, The Spine, Hatchworth, Walter Girl Chelsea, Walter Girl Carolina, Steve Negrete and Lil Steve. You can find this and many more official SPG prints in the GeekShot store.

abandoned library with tree

Eerie and beautiful. That there are such places in the world is a wondrous thing, indeed.

Just look at that beautiful design work!==> Abandoned Steampunk Industrial . . .

The hobbit. Legolas, Galadriel, Thranduil, and Gandalf

I will name you Sting...The Hobbit <3 *SCREEMS REALLY LOUD* I LOVE THIS PART IN THE BOOK AND MOVIE!!!! <3

This man is the most fabulously attractive person. I swear.<==== hos attitude is what makes you want to rip his clothes off.

The Battle of the Five Armies--Thorin Oakenshield