Omelet rolls With Rocket and Ham (in Dutch). Gluten free snack or lunch

Recipe for omelette rolls (in Dutch language). I think it would work as a gluten-free lunchbox snack. I would like to try this with GF crepes.

Larabars and Jocolat Bars--natural and gluten free snacks

Did you know that ALL Larabar granola bars are certified gluten free? These mini bars are great for a snack on the go.

Eat by themselves or with your favorite cheese! l Glutino® Gluten Free Snack Crackers- Sea Salt

A crispy crackers, so delicious. Be careful, they are salty and yummy and difficult to stop eating! Perfect for a treat with dip, cheese, or salsa

Fresh and Natural Gluten Free Snack Gift Set (bestseller)

For those with diet restrictions, gift giving no longer has to be a challenge. Shop our vegan and gluten-free snack and food baskets.

Win A Case Of #Gluten Free Snack Bars ~ USA only    1 Prize Winner

Win A Case Of #Gluten Free Snack Bars ~ USA only 1 Prize Winner

Schar Gluten Free Snack Crackers

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