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Mixed media | Portraits

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Donna Simonetta Vespucci by Jiří Anderle
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Artist | Anderle, Jiří

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munan15: Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Medici Box), 1950
joseph cornell
Joseph Cornell Medici Princess, c. 1948–52

Artist | Cornell, Joseph

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Salustiano, un pintor magnético
Salustiano Garcia Cruz
☆ Artist Salustiano Garcia Cruz ☆

Artist | Cruz, Salustiano Garcia

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Ces touches de peinture suspendues forment des portraits en 3D
Les Portraits tridimensionnels de Peinture suspendue de Chris Dorosz (3)
Les Portraits tridimensionnels de Peinture suspendue de Chris Dorosz (4)

Artist | Dorosz, Chris

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Marisol Escobar ---- Andy Warhol
Marisol (Marisol Escobar). Portrait of Sidney Janis Selling Portrait of Sidney Janis by Marisol, by Marisol. 1967-68
‘Hugh Hefner’ by Marisol Escobar, 1966-67 Time magazine commissioned this portrait of the Playboy founder for its March 3, 1967 “Man of the Year” cover. The sculpture’s unfinished wood constrasts sharply with Hef’s swanky image and slick media empire. Marisol (she went by one name, Madonna-style) depicted her subject with two pipes — one in his mouth and one in his hand. “He has too much of everything,” she explained to Time’s editors. If only Freud were around to weigh in.

Artist | Escobar, Marisol

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Face to Face by Brian Frandsen for Danish flooring label ege carpets. In total, 920 m2 of carpet, cut up into 250 layers is composed into a three-dimensional portrait

Artist | Frandsen, Brian

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The madness of Michael MapesThe madness of Michael Mapes | KoiKoiKoi
New Dissected Portraits Inspired by 17th Century Dutch Masters - My Modern Met
Mind-Blowing Portraits Made of Test Tubes and Pushpins | Instead of using paint, Mapes uses photographs, sequins, insect pins, vials and more to piece together Bartholomeus van der Helst's 1668 portrait of Geertruida den Dubbelde.  Michael Mapes  | WIRED.com

Artist | Mapes, Michael

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Et si les statues de la Renaissance avaient été sculptées à notre époque ?
Gerard Mas, Lady of the chewing gum, alabaster. © Gerard Mas
Gerard Mas, Dama del bogavante, alabaster. © Gerard Mas

Artist | Mas, Gerard

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Sublime photographie d’installation de Bernard Pras d’après l’exceptionnel portrait de @stephanedebourgies .✨ #monsieurpaul #paulbocuse…
Bernard Pras Forms Incredible Anamorphic Portrait Out of Found Objects - My Modern Met

Artist | Pras, Bernard

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Kunsthistorisches Museum: ObjektDB
Kunsthistorisches Museum: ObjektDB

Medium | Alabaster

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Art works
Art works

Medium | Bone

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Bronze portrait bust of a Roman matron, from the early Imperial era of Ancient Rome. Exposes a material  that was available to the Romans that would have been helpful for strong, durable structures.
Louis XIV as Apollo, 1672.

Medium | Bronze

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Injecting Paint in Bubble Wrap to Recreate Iconic Paintings - My Modern Metropolis
Portraits made by injecting bubble wrap with paint. By artist Bradley Hart. Neat!

Medium | Bubble wrap

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Justine Khamara. Inspiring; asmall or large photo printed, paste on cardboard and cut in slices...will this work? :)
Complex Cardboard Sculpture of TIME's Person of the Year - My Modern Metropolis
Complex Cardboard Sculpture of TIME's Person of the Year - My Modern Metropolis

Medium | Cardboard

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Medium | Ceramic

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a crayon portrait as part of the '50s commercial' series, 2012 by christian faur
Amazing Portraits Made Out Of Crayons
Pixelated? Thousands of wax crayons make up a picture of someone's face

Medium | Crayon

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Medium | Damascene/Niello

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Medium | Engraving

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Henri IV. Attribution GUILLAUME DUPRE (?) 1606 ?  Le roi est représenté en buste, les épaules légèrement tournées vers la droite. Le profil du roi est parfaitement reconnaissable. Il porte une couronne de laurier et une cuirasse à l'antique ornée de motifs végétaux. Après la promulgation de l'édit de Nantes mettant fin aux Guerres de Religion entre catholiques et protestants, HENRI IV entreprend de relever le royaume de France. Grand bâtisseur, il initie l'aménagement des grandes places...

Medium | Iron

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Grünes Gewölbe: AN-SICHTEN

Medium | Ivory

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Medium | Lead

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Medium | Leather

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Gem - 29-128-784 | Collections - Penn Museum

Medium | Marble

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Attributed to the Medici Grand Ducal Workshops, Italian, Florence, circa 1700 | Bust of a Florentine Man | Small Wonders: Early Gems and Jewels | 2020 | Sotheby's

Medium | Pietre dure

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Medium | Plastic

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