The clown can be a girl too! Ook gratis patronen oa kikker en hond

I will have to start with saying that after the TV clip my Chatterbox the Clown became unexpectedly popular. Many people saw him there in the swinger and asked if there is a pattern written.

Gratis haakpatroon Draak met kuifje - Hobbyshop Reuvers voor al uw hobby- en handwerkmaterialen

Crochet DRAGON toy pattern stuffed animal amigurumi handmade gift green craft Etsy Store Shout Out!

Gratis babyslofjes haakpatroon

Gratis babyslofjes haakpatroon (Handmade NL)

kerstengel - roodkapje  (gratis Nederlands haakpatroon) - christmas angel/readhood doll (free crochet pattern in Dutch)

Crochet Hat: [Free] Christmas angel / Red Riding Hood Not in English but someday when I have the energry could probably make it by looking at the pictures.