Gluten free humour

“Blessed is he who has learned to laugh at himself, for he shall never cease to be entertained”.
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The "good side effects" are what the drug actually does. I'm a nurse. Also, I have seen side effects like "may cause breast enlargement" or "weight loss"

Gluten free world..funny or scary? :(

Hello Lovely Fans, It's GlutenFree WheatFree Wednesday: Things that make you go hmmm. 20 ppm is of a teaspoon of wheat/gluten (not so safe for a Celiac).

gluten free jokes

Awww, you gotta love ziggy. If I had a toaster, it would be allergic to gluten, too!

Gluten free humour

I'm gluten-free which makes it really exciting for everyone to eat meals with me, evem ducks. Funny internet food cartoon about ducks at the pond being gluten

Gluten free humour

Celiac humor How come 5 years ago I'd never heard of gluten & rhe number sign # was called the number sign & what the hell is hash-tag. Lose Weight and Feel Great! If you haven't tried yet, what are you waiting for? This truly is a MUST TRY PRODUCT.


Dude gross, not organic, not antibiotic free, and definitely not free range.


Cookie monster complains about getting the wrong gift for Christmas. “It’s like you don’t even know me!” oh, yeah… C is for Cookie… Related Amish Christmas Lights We Decided …

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SparkPeople Funnies, CartoonsMy body is apple-shaped and yours is pear-shaped. How can we be unhealthy if we look like a fresh fruit salad?