Peanut butter cookies without sugar and flour!

To give my guts a break from highly refined ingredients (which make my tummy look like a balloon) I am trying to bake and cook without flour and sugar whenever possible. This is also the main reaso.

Dutch Ontbijtkoek (breakfast cake) made of oat flour. With no gluten, no dairy and no refined sugar. Delicious and healthy!

I have been trying to make a Dutch 'ontbijtkoek' which I could enjoy in the morning without suffering any symptom's afterwards. In my case it had to be Refined sugar free Dairy free Gluten free Soy.

Chicory wrapped in bacon

How do you like to eat chicory (witlof)? I used to prepare it in two ways: in an oven dish with ground meat and potatoes or on a pan with honey and pine nuts. Now I have a better recipe.

GF DF Potato salad with pesto and fava beans

Do you know the cookbook 'Plenty' of Yotam Ottolenghi ? All recipes in this book are vegetarian (some contain eggs and dairy products). I was inspired by the 'Royal Potato Salad' which origi.

Waffles / Goffres without gluten and dairy

My home town, Ustka, is a touristic resort and, as all other touristic resorts, it is full of delicious FOOD. It’s not unexpected that many famous snacks contain the bad guy (gluten).

Apple slices (baked on coconut oil) with carrot, cinnamon, figs and coconut chips.

Apple slices (baked on coconut oil) with carrot, cinnamon, figs and coconut chips.

Salad with eggplant and bacon

Eggplant is a beautiful vegetable but I have never been a huge fan because of its 'odd' taxture, so I thought until today. I was experimenting with my lunch and managed to create really tast.

Homemade 'bread' spread made of smoked mackarel :-)

Nothing is better on a gluten free cracker or on a slice of bread than a homemade bread spread. I usually have meat or eggs or smoked salmon on my cracker but I like to make some new things .

Homemade Gummy Candy

I like these Gummies because they are healthy and free from white refined sugar. They are a perfect snack for someone who has problems with bones and joints. They add gelatin to a diet and (.

Plantain waffles - gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, grain free;

Waffles Without Flour

Paleo mini hotcakes from eggs, flax seeds and banana :)

I really like eating eggs for breakfast. But how many days in a row can I eat scrambled eggs or boiled eggs :D Today, I made something el.

Tapenade made of beets and black olives.

I am a big fan of beets. My favorite way of eating this vegetable is warm pure. Recently, I came across of tapenade made of black olives and beets. It is so delicious.