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Ragnarr Loðbrók, (Ragnar Hairy Breeches") was a legendary Viking ruler and hero described in Old Norse poetry as the scourge of England and Normandy and the father of many renowned sons, including Ivar "The Boneless" and Björn "Ironside" and Sigurd "Snake-in-the-Eye". He married three times;. to shieldmaiden Lagertha, noblewoman Thora Borgarhjört , and Queen Aslaug, daughter of Sigurd the dragon slayer. Ragnar is most likely a composite of several legendary heroes.

Ragnarr Loðbrók was a legendary Viking ruler who led the raid on Paris. His sons were Ivar "The Boneless", Björn "Ironside" and Sigurd "Snake-in-the-Eye".

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century artist's impression of Ælla of Northumbria's execution of Ragnar Lodbrok

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Byron of Bal-Sagoth

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The Nine Worlds Map.Loose fitte d worlds. "Though I don't recall reading about interdimensional passageways in my own reading of the Norse myths.