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two people are standing in front of an ornate archway with blue flowers on the ceiling
an old stone building with a green door
Faeries, Cob, Castles & Magic
Faeries, Cob, Castles & Magic
an arch in the middle of a landscape with water and trees on it, surrounded by fog
the card for gaea's cradle, with an image of a person walking through a
Beyond...A Magical Place....
an artistic sculpture in front of a gate
Custom pedestrian gate - Exterior - San Francisco - by Brians Welding | Houzz
Custom Red Gate..
some plants are in front of a large metal structure with a door on the side
the inside of an ornate building with wooden doors
My trip to Germany a few weeks ago... Part 2
La Pouyette....: My trip to Germany a few weeks ago... Part 2
an intricately designed sculpture in the middle of a building
DSC_4558 Cathedral / Pécs / Hungary
DSC_4558 Cathedral / Pécs / Hungary | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a red door with two black shoes on it
Big red Chinese door inside a hutong in Beijing
the water is blue and clear in this cave
Isle of Capri, Italy. Still the single most beautiful place I have been to. Should be one of the wonders of the world!