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Capable of spitting silken webbing to entrap its prey, taozins' natural shell armor was almost completely resistant to blasters and lightsabers. Force-sensitive creatures, taozin could interfere with the sense abilities of Force-sensitives, making them appear invisible in the Force

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Darth Bane.

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a star wars character holding two lightsabes
B1-series battle droid
a star wars character holding a light saber
a painting of yoda holding a glowing orb in his hand and pointing at it
To do or not to do. The question that is.
To do or not to do. The question that is. on Behance
a person in a darth vader costume holding a light saber
Darth Bane.
an image of some strange creatures in the forest
a sci - fi character is holding something in his hand
what’s everyone’s favourite star wars book? mine is death troopers.
a young man with red hair wearing armor and holding his hand out to the side
Cal Kestis - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Hanno Hagedorn
a man dressed as darth vader in star wars the old republic, holding two lightsabes
Thexan from Star Wars: The Old Republic
a group of fighter jets flying over the earth