het hoeft niet moeilijk te zijn... geweldige schommel

Cool rustic-like hanging bed. This can be easily made. More home design ideas at the link.- Okay but I would swing in that all the time you don't understaaaand

Used to play on similar tractor tires in woods behind our school in Smithville, AND on the playground in Jarvis behind the Lion's Club.

Who didn't play in a tractor tire as a kid? Did I just reveal my Appalachian roots there?

3D climbing wall (jungle gym) by Dreamweavers.  I'm not sure where this is - I found this site via the Playscapes blog, which says Dreamweavers is a New Zealand company, but their site is hosted in South Africa and those sure look like African children to me.  Whatever - I love this structure, which is 6.5m tall.

climbing wall (jungle gym) by Dreamweavers.

wooden jungle gym

We create imaginative, organic, wooden jungle gyms and playground equipment for children. We use natural wood, treated only with non toxic coatings.

DIY Illuminated Tree Stumps

We are so excited at Recycled Interiors to be stocking these amazing STUMP Cracked Log Lamps/table/stool by Duncan Meerding Design.

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Fairy Garden Tree Stump Stool is perfect for fairies and full-grown people alike! Crafted to resemble a real tree stump, it makes the perfect fairy garden accent, but it can be used as a table or stool for humans, too :)