When they are young, they have what you call 'button eye' that are all black. As they get older, gold rings appear around their eyes.

My budgie Celcius, being funny as always. :)

"My budgie Celcius, being funny as always. :)" Celcius looks so pleased to have conquered the roll of toilet paper. Birds are adorable!


Nature sounds: Parakeets Singing, Talking, Chirping, kissing each other. Relaxing Videos, Sounds of nature. Budgies talking to each other.

Why fly when you can be chauffeured?

My Lil' Tricycle, by Mattel For the Birds (seat sold separately)

...birdie hugs...  : ).

Budgerigars had the title of 'Love Birds' before the Agapornis hit the pet scene . I adore budgies, i'd love to have some again, but they break my heart when they go to budgie heaven.