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two suitcases with the words before and after painted on them, one has a doll house in it
11 oude items die je kunt hergebruiken voor je kind
Poppenhuis in een koffer!
several different types of hair care products on a wooden table with scissors and other items
homemade GESSO..add baking soda to make texture paste
two pictures with different designs on them, one is yellow and the other is blue
Bespoke: Artisanal goods made where they're designed.
the instructions for how to create your own paint brushes
Create Your Own Paint Brushes - Emma Owl
Create your Own Paint Brushes. All you need are some wooden pegs and an imagination
an origami newspaper box with a bow on it
Origami Garbage Bin
how to fold a box from newspaper. Then you can plant your seeds in them then plant the whole thing in the ground!
a man pouring something into a glass on top of a tree stump
How To: DIY Stump Table
17 Apart: How To: DIY Stump Table
Great list of art journal techniques and tutorials Journaling Techniques, Journal Techniques, Gel Paint, Art Journal Tutorial, Technique Tuesday, Memory Crafts, Smash Books, Bookmaking, Gel Medium
Technique Tuesday: Create Colored Gel Paints with Gelatos
Great list of art journal techniques and tutorials
a person holding a pencil and sharpener in front of a paper with yellow confetti sprinkles on it
Crayon Melt
Crayons in a glue gun- gotta try this!
a woman cleaning a toilet with yellow gloves on her feet and the words, 15 minutes a day to a clean house
15 minutes of cleaning? - How to have a {fake} immaculate house (part 2)
Have a clean house with 15 minutes a day. I have a similar schedule...if you need one, this is pretty good! Also, 31 days to an organized home is here as well.
four different colored bottles are sitting on the table
Homemade Doodle Paint
four different images showing how to use candles
DIY Film Candle Holder
DIY Film Candle Holder..Easy to make...take a look.
a white dress with blue ribbon on the front and back, sitting on top of a doily
Doily Dress Folds Tutorial - cute for bridal luncheon invites