Ovenschotel kip pesto.

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Must-Try Bottarga Recipe

This is absolutely beautiful what a awesome idea and a beautiful way to put your children or your grandchildren or whomever and wear them with pride and a loving heart. always on the wings of butterflies!!!!!!!

Butterfly flower and childrens name tattoo

This Powerful Drink Melts Your Belly Fat Immediately!

If you’re looking to cut back on your waistline, you must try this recipe. You have nothing to loose except for excess weight. The majority of us are constantly struggling in reducing our waist. I have spent hours searching for an easy recipe that will do

Mom, daughter, & son

Mom and children tattoo

baby feet tattoo idea

triquetra tattoos

wrist tattoos representing my children


Best Name Tattoos Ideas

trying to get ideas to incorporate into a tattoo. I like this type of butterfly, but the coloring would be different (pink, blue, & lavender) to symbolize infertility awareness & Craniosynostosis awareness. Maybe w/ the words "Miracles Happen" or

Running for beginners revised!

Here's the revised version of How to Start a Running Program . without Burning Out.