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Grietje Baak

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Scripture - Ps 18:16 "He....rescued me..." #Heartaches&Hardships #2bMe

I don't know if my heart will ever be healed.

one of my favorite verses, especially when I need to remember that no matter my intentions or plans, God's will will always be what prevails... so just give into it, rest in it, stop fighting it.

and when I wake up you are still with me. Psalm 139:18 This bible verse is so comforting especially during times of hardship because it reassures us that He never leaves our side. He is always there with open arms that overflow with love, grace and forgiveness. #psalm139

Inspirational quotes can be incredibly uplifting and a great pick me up. Here are five of my favourite quotes to live by..

Even if "everyone is doing it," wrong is never right. —Russell M. Nelson #LDS

Amen! May so be it! Bless us all with eternal love and faith into You, Lord!