GH+O communicatie en creatie

GH+O communicatie en creatie
Vestigingen: Zuidergrachtswal 2 in Leeuwarden, Haagweg 4 in Leiden / Bij GH+O vinden dagelijks nieuwe concepten, strategiën, campagnes en logo's het levenslicht. We delen hier graag creatieve ideeën. Dus laat je inspireren!
GH+O communicatie en creatie
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hoe leuk is dit in de hal van je school??

I had this idea floating around in my head about making an interactive bulliten board using pull tabs with sweet messages for my school and came across this which is a great option too! Totally doing this! Make this valentines day

Heerlijke copy!

"Uit Zijn Verband Gerukt" Data Visualization and Infographic Publication Design (this person has rad skills with colour.) < Nice use of colour, bright and vibrate, easy to read and understand for kids

identity / National Music Centre- I like how the simple logo can be transferred so easily from one medium to another. works really well for an organization, museum, center.

Write without fear. Edit without mercy.

" Translation: "Oh Children of Eru, Show them no mercy, for you shall receive none." Awesome motivational and inspirational writing quote writers tip. Wrote without fear. Edit without mercy.