The Queitly Powerful Drawings of Renee French

The Queitly Powerful Drawings of Renee French sketchbook: animals at different stages of development

'Eyes on You (III)', photo by Amizyo. Close-up of a Green Tree Python (April 2012).

Green tree python' eye, close-up view. Its eye rivals any gem, it's so detailed and beautiful.

Awesome Panda APs | Designer: Philip Lumbang

-Hand painted box and figure -Each Figure has a painted red/white polka dot bow-tie -Box measures -Figure measures -Signed and numbered -Limited to only TEN pieces


In my spare time I like drawing different freaky characters it is good for my karma. I also usually do sketches at the meetings at work, you know, especially the boring ones :) This character wasn't an exception. My sleepy wandering mind created a strang…

Frog-Wallpaper-frogs-7018034-1280-800.jpg 1,280×800 pixels

There are over types of frogs world wide that are placed in 25 families. Article about all of types of frogs including bullfrogs, tree frogs, Gray Tree Frog, more.

Experi-mental Sketchbook - Page 6

Mark Bannerman's Scotch Pie Fight - to know him is to love him.