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The dark, cold deep sea contains weird alien animals that survive without sunlight and create their own light. Photos, videos and stories of deep sea biology and exploration from around the world.

Bizarre Deep Sea Creatures - Gallery

Bizarre Deep Sea Creatures

These underwater portraits of creatures who inhabit the sea are filled with such character and life. Hawaii-based photographer Joshua Lambus documents the amazing detail of many aquatic species,.

deep sea creatures | Tumblr

Sporting a bright fuchsia hue, this new species of deep-sea acorn worm was recently found some feet meters) deep near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The colorful creature has extremely long "lips" that help it snag prey in a place where food is scarce.

deep sea creatures | Tumblr

What exactly is the deep How much do we know about it? This breathtaking video from Ocean Today will take you on a two minute journey to the deep ocean.

BBC Planet Earth/Blue Planet - Deep ocean creatures

This is a GREAT compilation of crazy deep- sea creatures, set to some cool music. If you have the chance to watch the full episode, or entire Blue Planet series for that matter, you definitely should. So fascinating!

Beautiful Animals Safaris: Beautiful Dangerous Jellyfish Animal Safaris

jellyfish the most beautiful amazing dangerous deep sea creature animal picture.