Typhula erythropus

Redleg Club Fungus (Typhula Erythropus) ~ By Milan Zajac

Clathrus Crispus- wiffleball stinkhorn A beautiful but nasty smelling fungus...flies love it...It isn't poisonous, not that you'd taste it. Photo credit to: by Adrastia217

clathrus crispus- wiffleball stinkhorn really nasty fungus.not poisonous.not something you want in your yard though wiffleball stinkhorn 01

Marasmius hudsonii Carpoforo aka do not eat!

Marasmius hudsonii sporocarp In fungi, the sporocarp is a multicellular structure on which spore-producing structures, such as basidia or asci, are borne.

MTV Featured Artist. by CRITICA , via Behance

CRITICA combines film and photoreal graphics to create a set of show package for MTV’s Featured Artist.