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wasmachine good idea to raise units- baskets can slide in below when emptying- brilliant!


OK Looks plain compared to the first one. The contrast make the fireplace really stand out in the other one, while here it's plain

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Urban Jungle Bloggers The book! (Vosgesparis)

Wanden, gevels en deuren van glas en staal. | Deur als onderdeel van de raampartij. Door Di-

William Hefner Architecture Interiors & Landscape - Traditional kitchen with modern steel doors and windows. Also like the bench seating

Sam Crawford Architects have transformed what was once a commercial garage sandwiched between terrace houses, into a bright and modern home that's long and narrow, and features a material palette of black steel, recycled brick, concrete and timber.

A Garage Was Converted Into This Comfortable Living Space

Folding doors connect the internal courtyard with the living space Old Garage with Heritage Façade Finds New Life as a Fabulous Family Home