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This fun graphic is a great guide to the many types of beer available. Cheers!

A comprehensive look at different styles of beer, their histories and flavors. All beer styles are shown in appropriate glassware. important stuff love

The Jopenkerk - literrally called the "Jopen Church" in Haarlem. An old church in the city centre that accommodates a brewery, cafe and restaurant. Since the opening in 2010, the place has become very popular. They offer at least 10 beers available on draft and a great atmosphere. Check it out for yourself!

Voted the best bar in all of Holland. That is what you'll find at the brewery in a former church @ De Jopenkerk, Haarlem

I find this packaging interesting because when it comes to package design, consistency through all the different elements is essential.

Beer and cheese soup

Beer and cheese soup. This is one of my favorite things they make at my dining hall- soooo good!

Petrus Aged Red 8.5% abv. 15% Foeder Beer + 85% Double Brown Beer with Cherries. Spectacular!

Petrus Aged Red is constructed from a base of Double Brown Ale. Petrus Aged Pale is added to provide a dry character to the brew and give it a slight sour essence. Finally the brewer adds fresh cherries,