great use of space

This is a perfect combo of my two favorite ideas for that space under the stairs leading to the basement. A reading nook AND book storage and shelves . assuming that there is enough space for this there.

Wine cellar under stairs. Basement?

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Wine cellar under stairs. Certainly it's normal to want to stash wine in every underutilized space in one's home, right?this would go GREAT under my stairs! willing to compromise my storage for a wine room!

20 Top Secret Spots For Hidden Storage Around Your House

20 Top Secret Spots For Hidden Storage Around Your House

Storm shelter OR an awesome hiding spot for hide-in-seek ;) What a great idea for a safe place to hide in case of intruders. You could even set it up so you could lock yourself in if needed.

Een trap met houten treden, de stootborden zijn grijs geverfd. Erg mooi en makkelijk na te maken!

Stair treads left bare wood, waxed, risers painted in stormy grey, clean line on the wall. Grey and wood.

A curved oak staircase realised for Van Beek & Dings interiorarchitects. Website: Antiek Amber, historische bouwmaterialen en objecten.

Antiek Amber made a curved oak staircase, realised for Van Beek & Dings interior architects.

handig voor de trapkast

shelves attached to the inside of a closet door. I don't have any closet doors like this, but this is a great idea for the back of my craft room door, or the bedroom door. Also a pantry door!