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two horses and a cat are shown in this hand - drawn illustration, one is white the other is brown
The Farmyard Paper Doll Printable - Cottage Chronicles
two cows standing next to each other on top of a grass covered field and one cow with a bell around its neck
The Farmyard Paper Doll Printable - Cottage Chronicles
four different types of birds are shown in this illustration, and each one has an animal's name on it
a mirror that is on the wall with pink paint and some animals painted on it
a close up of a horse's face with long blonde hair and orange eyes
a close up of a horse's face with trees in the background at night
horse in fog
the paper crafting project is designed to look like an animal
a dog is standing on top of some hamburgers in the air with clouds behind him
Michael Esper (@airstreamrally) / X
an orca whale is cut out from paper and placed on top of another one
paper cut outs with roosters and leaves on them, all in different shapes and sizes
an oil painting of two horses fighting each other
Theodora Daniela Capat (@CapatDaniela) on X
a painting of a horse that is jumping in the air with it's front legs spread out
Symbols, Archetypes, Metaphors
a drawing of a woman's face with long black hair and orange eyeshadow
a drawing of some fruit on a piece of paper
a painting of two white fish swimming in the blue water with their tails curled up
an open notebook with a drawing of two horses on the front and one horse in the back