Corrugated cardboard lamp #Duurzaam #Hergebruik

Scraplight - pendant lighting - graypants, inc. but with more open spaces in black

Houd jezelf warm met een kaars kachel, gezellig en bespaar energie. | Duurzaam thuis

The Candle Heater Candle Holder Collects, Retains,Concentrates, and Radiates Dry Space HEAT from a Candle!

After walking and riding a typical bike, the Ele Solar Bike is about as green as you can get.

Bike with solar panels for wheels is basically as green as you can get

Meet the ELE SOLAR BIKE, which could run on electricity, power, or your own two legs! The solar panels within each wheel rotate 30 degrees to maximize recharging while the bike is parked. It's still in concept stage, but looks pretty cool to us!

Wood design into a bench...not sure we can do that

log couch, would be great for the fire pit area This would be cool for down at camp.gotta show Mamaw before they cut all those logs up from the latest tree cut

Duurzaam Dutch Design Chair

Shadow box table for fossils - design idea (nice wood)

Reading space.

small-spaces-bed-nook - Got a huge movie, music or book collection, but just one small room in which to fit it all? Take a cue from Johan, who fit a massive CD storage drawer underneath bed/lounge combo as well as lots of shelf space overhead. Spaces like

FLAVOURITES - Mooi hout om je pols

WeWood watches: “The WeWood folks have an eco thing going: They plant a tree for every wooden watch you buy.