chocolate and pistachio mousse cake

Chocolate and Pistachio Mousse Cakes - Yummy! Lots of steps, but nothing too difficult and everything very well explained. I'm not big on pistachio but she has a white chocolate mousse recipe that would be wonderful with the dark chocolate cakes

Chocolade vlinders maken

DIY chocolate butterfly: Love it! Would be great to top a cake with. Could try with white chocolate and food coloring for different colors!

nougat chocolade caramel

While homemade candy bars are tasty, homemade Snickers bars are out of this world. This homemade candy recipe has all of the flavors you love about Snickers bars.The recipe even teaches you how to make your own nougat and homemade caramel candy layer.


It's all about Hearts ♡

Gewoon te lekker om niet op deze pagina te zetten! CHOCOLADE!!! :D

Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree. Chocolate is salad.

Chocolade houdt dementie tegen

I am marries to chocolat

Chocolate Heart

Chocolate Heart

Softijs met Chocolade

Vanilla and chocolate.


Chocolate and pink heart shaped wedding cake. Unique and kind of fun.

Drie keer chocolade cheesecake

Drie keer chocolade cheesecake

Flower Food, Chocolate Cheesecake, Cheesecake Pie, Van, Nice, Cheesecakes, High Tea, Winter Recipes, Cup Cakes

Chocolade Kruidnoten

Chocolade-pepernoten (chocolate gingernuts) are my favorite snack at the dutch 'Sinterklaas'

Chocolade cake & witte chocoladepastilles

I made a similar version to this for my partners birthday. Instead of having the chocolate buttons on the top, i drizzled fresh melted white chocolate and sprinked toffee swirls to finish it off.

callebaut chocolade & sinaasappel muffin

callebaut chocolade & sinaasappel muffin

Chocolade - Echt alles met chocolade LEKKER !!

- (Chocolate cream pie – Jelanie - Page

chocolade maracones

chocolade maracones

Chocolade minitaartjes

Chocolade minitaartjes