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a can of krylon sea glass next to a green vase on a wooden table
DIY Sea Glass Bottles
DIY cottage style sea foam sea glass bottles - The EASIEST way to get the sea glass look!! Great for farmhouse style or cottage style decor in any room!
two pictures side by side one with sea shells and the other with seashells
Show off your seashells!
a blue frame hanging on the wall with a sailboat in the water behind it
15 Stunning Coastal Wall Art Ideas
two pictures hanging on the wall with rope and twine around them, one has a sailboat in it
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three baskets are stacked on top of each other and one has a blue sailboat
25+ Stunning DIY Beach Crafts to Create a Coastal Oasis
blue glass bowls with candles in them are sitting on top of a table and next to each other
60+ Nautical Decor DIY Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home 2022