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✮ ANIME ART ✮ bee girl. . .bumble bee. . .hair buns. . .corset. . .ruffles. . .stockings. . .honeycomb. . .honey. . .ecchi. . .cute. . .kawaii

Anime picture with original nardack single tall image short hair blush looking at viewer blonde hair green eyes white bare shoulders hair bun (hair buns) girl thighhighs dress bow white thighhighs honey

Miner Bee & pollen by Alliec2007, via Flickr

Pollen on a miner bee. Miner bees (or chimney bees) are one of many familiar black and yellow summertime bees often mistaken for bumble bees. They are garden pollinators and serve an increasingly important role as honey bee populations decline.

Wall Decor inspiration (via Stained Glass Honeycomb Drops on Etsy)

Reference to Harpa Concert Hall This set of glass drops is just the thing. Employing the hand-cutting techniques traditionally used in stained glass, Bespoke Glass Tile crafted these pretty little things to dangle in a doorway or window.