Coping Mechanisms for stress

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Finding different outlets to help relieve the stress I experience on a daily basis. To to take steps towards my goal of maintaining my stress.

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I put this healthy eating guide up because I want to refine my diet and find new snacking foods that will benefit rather than harm my body if I ever do stress eat.

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Step 1: I exercise sometimes but that is to get my anger/stress out. I want to channel my stress into something else: yoga. Step 2: Make a routine/music playlist that can fuel my yoga session and see if I can channel my stress into making my body stronger and more durable.

Write down your worries in a notebook, then set it aside for tomorrow. Putting your problems down on paper—and knowing that they're there for you to work through later—may help take your mind off of them while you're trying to rest. Stress Relief Tips Health And Nutrition, Health And Wellness, Health Fitness, Health Diet, Mental Health, Nutrition Education, True Health, Nutrition Activities, Health App

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Who doesn’t have to deal with stress?? Stress is such an everyday part of life that most of us often joke about how ‘stressed out’ we are. Whether you are stressed out over work or the unexpected bill or the upcoming holidays. All of these are common stress triggers. For me the stress bomb hit me fu

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Goal 2: Writing my feelings out

If you enjoy writing and are looking for stress relief, use the 30 Day Stress Relief Journal Prompts. Uplift your spirit and track your journey.

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Goal 1, Steps

I want to take my friends with me on a hiking adventure to take a break from our everyday, busy lives and just enjoy it together.

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Goal 3, Steps

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Step Baking has been my number one therapy mechanism to help me de-stress. It gives my brain time to relax and enjoy the moment. Step I want to make it a team activity with my sister or my friends to make it fun and relaxing. Coping Mechanisms For Stress, Stress Relief Tips, Baking Tips, Brain, Finding Yourself, Give It To Me, Therapy, Relax, Number

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