10 Things About Dyslexia Every Teacher Needs to Know

Dyslexia can take on different forms. Strategies that work for one child might not work for another. This resource would be beneficial for all teachers in my school. This guide helps teachers understand and identify students with Dyslexia.

A set of printable sheets for use with dyslexic children to help improve their tracking of letters. Children scan each line and circle the alphabet letters in order.

Educational materials for learning specialists, educational therapist Dr. Warren provides dyslexia help & remedial learning materials & lessons that work.

Protocol leesproblemen en dyslexie voor groep 4

ik leer anders - beelddenken

Dyslexie in groep 1-4 van de basisschool.

behandelmateriael.logopaedie logopedie materiael

www.maartenscoaching.nl/programma 18 - 22 februari 2013 Ik leer anders voor gezinnen op de Veluwe