How to prep healthy lunches ahead of time so they are ready to grab from the fridge and a fun fitness challenge!

Grilled Chicken Veggie Bowls - Meal Prep

How to prep healthy lunches ahead of time so they are ready to grab from the fridge or freezer. When making meals I make enough for me to eat one and freeze I do this for a few days in a row and have enough meals and verity for a couple weeks.

paint on ceilings or other high places and prevent drips.

Painting New Uses for Old Things

DIY Painting: Coffee Can Lid as Paint Splatter Shield - Paint like a pro. To make a splatter shield for when you’re painting a high surface, cut a slit in the center of a lid and pull the paintbrush through.

Images: TKP Architects / Emily Minton Redfield Big thanks to one of our readers Spencer for

Custom Home Architects, TKP Architects, specializes in custom home architecture and residential design. A Colorado architecture firm for your custom design,

Free printable family planner

Free printable family planner includes free printable to do list, chore charts, calendar, and tips to help you get organized this year!

salad in a jar

Salad in a Jar My note: This is a great idea and any type of salad combination will do. The dressing goes in first. Turn it over and let the dressing cover the salad.then open and eat. This idea can be used for work, schools.and even a picnic.

Google's Smart Contact Lens to Monitor Blood Sugar by  David Goldman, CNN: The prototype contacts are outfitted with tiny wireless chips and glucose sensors, sandwiched between two lenses. They are able to measure blood sugar levels once per second, and Google is working on putting LED lights inside the lenses that would flash when those levels are too low or high. #Diabetes #Glucose_Monitor #Contact_Lens

Google to make smart contact lenses

Smart contact lenses for diabetics to measure sugar levels in tears! Diabetics or diabetes patients need to check their glucose levels frequently, that involves painful pricking of a finger to do a blood test.

Conceal Bookshelf by Miron Lior, Umbra: A small hook supports the cover of the first book to create the illusion of a column of books suspended in the air.  #Bookshelf

Conceal Shelf by Miron Lior. Transform your books into a work of art. Powder coated steel floating book shelf becomes invisible behind stack of books.

Live Simply

Perfect as a delightful focal point or in an eye-catching vignette, this planked wood wall decor brings a charming message to your home. Place it in your kit.

I'm repinning this because....IT WORKS! My lettuce stays fresh for ever...and when I see it in my fridge... it makes me want to eat it...cant beat that!

How to Make

Keep Lettuce Fresh Longer TIP.Vacuum-pack chopped Romaine lettuce in glass quart jars. Stays fresh up to a week or more. by Salad in a THIS works