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Jon Pertwee and daleks

The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) is in trouble in this publicity still.

Rory, Destroyer of Worlds by thatoddowl on deviantART—This is just too perfect for words. I really don't know how it isn't official BBC art.

Only in Doctor Who...

that awkward moment when your best friend kissed both your wife and your daughter. - Doctor who - rory, amy and river song>>>>That last kiss between The Doctor and Rory wasn't even in the script, Matt just likes kissing people.


These pretentious memes aimed at young, female Doctor Who fans. Insulting them and being condescending helps no one. Why not just offer a few reasons why an older Doctor will change the show in a positive way (and bring it back to its roots)?


"Detroit Lions win the Superbowl." Just another reason to love Doctor Who. And I guess this picture is a quality representation of these two.