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several cars parked along the side of a river next to tall buildings and bicycles in front of them
The houses in Amsterdam are leaning forward for several reasons: 1. They used to be warehouses and it was easier to pull things up with a use of the hook 2. They were constructed on top of sandy soil 3. The owners wanted to gain terrain without having to pay extra taxes for the meters of facade
an old building with flowers in the foreground and a boat on the water behind it
The most emblematic Dutch houses follow the architectural style of the Dutch Golden Ages, a unique and peculiar Dutch interpretation of the Baroque that developed between the 16th and 17th centuries. In certain parts of the city one can find Art Deco and the Amsterdam School of Architecture. #architecture #amsterdam #travelamsterdam #visitAmsterdam #heritage #canals #houses #narrowhouses
several boats are parked in front of some buildings at night, with the lights on
Houses in Amsterdam are very narrow because in Medieval times owners would have to pay for the meter of the facade facing the canals. To avoid paying such high taxes, houses were designed to be narrow yet tall and functional. These buildings tend to be narrow, leaning forward and facing the water.
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Amsterdam is also known as the Venice of the North, one of the cities in the world with the highest amount of canals. These are considered to be a World Heritage Site and they are the spirit and personality of Amsterdam, one of the highlights and one of the most beautiful aspects of the city.
a street lined with tall brick buildings under a blue sky filled with white fluffy clouds
How Much Does It Cost To Move To Amsterdam? - Amsterdam Hangout
How Much Does It Cost To Move To Amsterdam? - Amsterdam Hangout
many different buildings are reflected in the water
Is Amsterdam Below Sea Level? :)
‘Is Amsterdam below sea level?’ – many people ask and the question makes perfect sense as about half of the country lies...
1 Minute Aerial Tour Around Amsterdam
1 Minute Aerial Tour Around Amsterdam
Amsterdam Life, Boats, Canals, Amsterdam Houses
I love these aerial videos of Amsterdam. Boats, Canals, Amsterdam Ginger Houses, all you need to be happy ;) apart of cup of coffe ;)
Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, The Best Museum in Amsterdam, Aerial View
This building is outstanding. The old town is in general breathtaking but Rijksmuseum is one of a kind. What's interesting you can ride through it on your bike :)
Amsterdam Aerial View
birds flying over a city with the words cities close to amsterdam worth visiting
Cities Near Amsterdam Worth Visiting
I will describe shorly each and every town on this list and on the end of article I mention the best ways to travel The Netherlands. I am going to share with you some tips and tricks so travelling won’t be a pain in the ass but a great adventure. #travel #amsterdam #travelbucketlist #Iamsterdam #visitamsterdam #traveldestinations travel bucket list travel destinations Travel tips Travel ideas travel the world travel inspiration travel alone travel amsterdam amsterdam netherlands holland
a boat floating on top of a river next to tall buildings
Amsterdam Hangout - Amsterdam through the eyes of a local guy
Yes. Amsterdam is below sea level, just like the half of the Netherlands. The city is situated around 2 meters below sea level and the lowest point in the Netherlands is almost 7 meters below sea level. The lowest parts of the country are the western parts of the Netherlands – Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, and Zeeland. #amsterdam #amsterdamfaq #europe #traveleurope #travelbucketlist #travel #travelbucket #travelnetherlands #travelamsterdam
a bike parked next to a building with purple flowers on the outside and yellow leaves on the inside
Amsterdam Hangout - Amsterdam through the eyes of a local guy
Amsterdam, Amsterdam Netherlands, Amsterdam where to stay, Amsterdam hotels, Amsterdam Travel #amsterdamhangout #amsterdam #amsterdamtravel #travelamsterdam #amsterdamnetherlands #netherlands amsterdam neteherlands Amstedam Houses, Amsterdam Hotels, Amsterdam Hotel, Amstedam hostel, Amsterdam Traveling to Amsterdam soon? If you are looking for a relatively cheap place to stay, you have come to the right place. After some research,
there are many boats on the water in this town with words that read amsterdam houseboats
Amsterdam Hangout - Amsterdam through the eyes of a local guy
There are over 2500 houseboats permanently anchored in Amsterdam canals. They have their own address and access to utilities. Most of the houseboats are located in the city center. There are about 80 rental houseboats in Amsterdam available for tourists.#amsterdam #amsterdamhouseboats #houseboat #amsterdamhouseboat #visitamsterdam #travelamsterdam #houseboats #boat #boatlife #boatlove #traveleurope #travelnetherlands #holland #netherlands Houseboats in Amsterdam,
the words is amsterdam a good place to visit? in front of an image of buildings
Is Amsterdam a Good Place To Visit? - Amsterdam Hangout
I am living in Amsterdam for the last 5 years and I often get a question from my friends if Amsterdam is a good place to visit or is it a good place to live. Travel destinations Travel tips Travel Europe Buget travelling Travel Bucket list Travel Ideas Travel the world Travel inspiration Travel Alone Travel adventure Travel places Travel guide Travel photography