Escape from the path designed for you by your Ego with the blessing of society. That path will put you in survival mode, but will forbid you to live. {jy}

Finding yourself. Don't be afraid to get lost along the way! This life is our own personal journey. Make your own path!

Daarom is het onze taak om van iedere schooldag een bijzondere dag te maken!

Daarom is het onze taak om van iedere schooldag een bijzondere dag te maken!

make the most of each piece in your   puzzle, it'll be a grand masterpiece when it's done, so you won't have to look   back when it's over, and realize you've left out the sun.

everyone has their own puzzle, there will be ones where you do not fit, dont you ever dare make your piece smaller, just so you can live there a bit (Puzzle Pieces by Erin Hanson)

Part of it all

thepoeticunderground: "Matter" June But I would add that God is the magical Creator. His thumbprints are on all of creation. He makes all things magical!

Erin Hanson poetry "It breaks your heart to know her mirror is how she estimates her worth and not the lives she's made much better by simply being on this earth" -Erin Hanson

Imagine how Mary margret and David and all them felt that would be so weird like learning about yourself at school and being like oh I remember that! That was really fun! And everyone else in the world would know everything about your life how awkward

I allowed someone else to hold my pen for too long and when I took it back I also brought back my life and happiness. Never allow anyone else to hold your pen.

Mom's gift

thepoeticunderground: "Mum" May I know this probably would have been better to post around mothers day, but it’s my mum’s birthday soon so I wrote her this poem. It’s pretty cheesy I must admit.