Camera with flash lol

Yes kids, we had to actually purchase flashes for our cameras. Does anyone else remember these? My first camera was pink, used 110 film, and I had to save my money to buy these 10 use flip flash bulbs.

old safety razors...I use to "borrow" my Dad's to shave my legs ... ohhhh, he was not happy about that! And with 2 sisters doing it too, it happened to him a lot!

Who shaved their legs with this demon? Remember the cuts on the ankle and achilles? This was the razor I used the first time I shaved my legs. 12 years old?

Bubble pipes/ always got soap in your mouth but they were fun.

Bubble Pipes * Sometime you would inhale and swallow the bubble mix.

1962-1967 Barbie - Platinum Blonde Bubblecut #850

Barbie Bubblecut de 1962 à 67 : pour celle-ci les cheveux sont plus volumineux

Free milk at school

In 1944 the Eduction Act in the UK provided free milk pint) and meals to everyone under I used to be a milk monitor and that meant getting to school early and taking crates to the class rooms.

navy blue knickers - mandatory part of the school uniform. And some of them had pockets in them!

Navy school knickers, shown off at PE time, when hanging upside down off the parallel bars. Plus doing PE in just a vest and the navy blue knickers!

Sweet peanuts mmm I love these my Dad used to buy them, I love the mixture of sweet and salt yummy ;-)

Sweet peanuts- loved these. Sweet like peanut brittle on the outside and filled with peanut butter. Wonder where they ever came from and what happened to them.

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