Hanneke Gerrits

Hanneke Gerrits

Hanneke Gerrits
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assorted mirrors, pinned by Ton van der Veer Analyze this booth display. What makes it work....the reflections, the dynamic arrangement, the innovative use of small mirrors. The mirrors look like bubbles giving it an effervescent quallity.

Brooklyn-based artist Graham Caldwell creates glass-based installations which explore issues about surveillance, threat and self-obsession. Using many separate glass parts, usually mounted to a wal…

Made with more than 5,000 reappropriated domestic light bulbs (only one in every six bulbs actually needs to glow), in addition to compact fluorescent bulbs and chain pull strings, Cloud invites viewers to wander through a rain of pull strings switching lights on and off. When audiences activate the Cloud‘s inner sphere of light bulbs it creates the illusion of lightning on the cloud’s surface.

=== Air Installation === Fabulous large-scale light sculpture, 'Cloud' by Caitlind Brown made from over repurposed light bulbs and pull strings allowing viewers to interact.

Van Robinson - Google zoeken

VALUE Toast gradient. Human eyes can perceive 255 distinct levels of values (shading). If someone can find toast with 15 different levels, surely you can have more than just 3 or 4 in your drawings and paintings.

is it wrong to think this was done by a female?seems like i'm always doing dishes so i reckon other ladies feel the same! lol

Surreal Black-And-White Photos Cleverly Combine Seemingly Different ObjectsMadrid-based Spanish photographer Chema Madoz blends two seemingly separate objects together to create mind-bending photographs.