#DIY flower chandeliers are a gorgeous way to decorate a wedding reception tent.

DIY Flower Chandelier

Make this elegant DIY Flower Chandelier, perfect for a wedding, a bridal shower, or just some floral home decor.

Mini top hats made of paper! Printable templates here: https://happythought.co.uk/craft/printables/mini-top-hats/mini-paper-top-hats  #minitophats #templates #prinatbles #nosew

8 fantastic mini top hat template designs to download and print instantly. Ready to turn heads at the party!

Easy assemble paper no-sew mini top hat templates for parties/fiestas. Simple instructions on how to make a mini top hat.

Happythought's diamond party hat comes in 5 different colour ways. They are super simple to make, can be put together in less than 20 min with our easy step-by-step instructions. Put a hat on your head in no time! #minipaperhat #partyhat #pattern #templates #printable #fashion #designs #accessories #pink  https://happythought.co.uk/product/diamond-mini-top-hats

Cute fun Diamond mini top hat; 5 DIY printable. Easy to make

Easy step by step no sew hat template. Party hat pattern, party decorations, designs, templates and how to make a mini top hat.