Activity # Basketball Materials: *Hoop and ball from dollar store *Dollar Store container *basketball cut outs To Play: S.

FREE Adding Fraction Puzzles

Adding fractions can be confusing for some students. Help them visualize this skill in a fun way using these free pie puzzles.

Free Valentine's Day Matching Game

This free Valentine's Day matching game is perfect for all ages! It's colorful, bright, and super fun to play! Play it at class parties, play-dates, or at home. Even better, it comes with a matching gift box for storage-it's the perfect and inexpensive gift for families everywhere!

Fraction Puzzles {FREE Download!}

This would be soooo much better if the author had left the pieces blank so that the kids could fill them in, and used a variety of models for fractions.

De klok: uur en halfuur

Mini loco’s zijn super toffe spelletjes die leerlingen zelfstandig kunnen gebruiken om leerstof verder in te oefenen. Als we met de kieskasten werken zijn er altijd enkele in gebruik. Ik heb …

*FREEBIE* Cut and Glue Articulation Sampler for Fall (Speechie Freebies)

It's Lindsey over at Word Nerd Speech Teach bringing you my newest FREE product called, "Cut and Glue Articulation Sampler for Fall"! This product is a selection of a larger activity, "

Fraction Math Puzzles {Printable

Math puzzles are a fun way to practice tricky math concepts. Here are 2 math puzzles for kids that work on basic fraction concepts.

Breukopoly, klokopoly en taalopoly!

Als grote monopoly fan probeer ik het spel ook in mijn klaspraktijk te introduceren. Zo is er een monopoly Europa editie en een monopoly wereld editie waar je mits enkele aanpassingen wat leerinhou…