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© PHIL TOLEDANO - My dead sister: 'We never spoke of her again' - BBC World…

Self-deprecating, deeply personal, testicle-poking; Phillip Toledano talks us through his emotive work.

PHIL TOLEDANO during the process of transforming into a 90-year-old man.

When Phil Toledano's father died, the photographer imagined the next stages of his life in a project that was documented by his filmmaker friend, Joshua Seftel.

© JAN ROSSEEL - Belgian Autumn: A Confabulated History

Through archival material, found photographs and dramatically staged portraits, this cerebral series offers a “confabulated” (yet highly personal) look at one of the darkest pages in Belgian history

Photography has lost its innocence. There is no way around that. But it still…

On photography and generosity – TIS books

© BERTIEN VAN MAANEN - Beyond Maps and Atlases, 2016

© BERTIEN VAN MAANEN - Beyond Maps and Atlases, 2016

How to tell stories through photography

How to tell stories through photography - Magnum photographer ALEC SOTH has been telling the stories behind America’s outsiders for over a decade – here’s how

We Need To Talk About This Picture/ Huffington Post - the photograph that has…

UPDATE: ISIS Claims Responsibility For Brussels Terror Attacks That Killed Over 38 from Zero Hedge: Update: The latest reports indicate 28 dead, 55 injured, 1 bomb at the metro and 2 suicide bombers at the Brussels Airport. Update: Belgian media have.

© SIAN DAVEY - Looking for Alice

Photographer Siân Davey has captured what it means to turn from 16 to having gained intimate access from an unlikely source: her own stepdaughter.

Life With the Irish Travellers Reveals a Bygone World

German photographer spends four years photographing Irish Travellers - Birte Kaufmann won the trust of an Irish Traveller family and beautifully captured their unique way of life.

© AJI SUSANTO ANOM - River of Hades [EPF 2016 FINALIST ] - River of Hades is an…

Aji Susanto AnomRiver of Hades[ EPF 2016 FINALIST ]River of Hades is an mythological approach to document reality and construct a fictional historical record of real life experience.