bokkenpootjes (Dutch cookies) Translation: little goat paws. Incredible crunchie cookies filled with marzipan and dipped in dark chocolate. echte!

Sinterklaas---interesting looks more like a pope to me than any semblance to santa or father christmas but the real st nick was a saint so who knows

oranje koninginnedag tompoezen

Oranje tompoucen, a must to eat at Koningsdag 27 april in the Netherlands.

beschuit met muisjes

Beschuit met muisjes (mice), rusk with sugar covered anis seeds. A traditional Dutch treat when a baby is born.


poffertjes, this is typical dutch treat, A pancake mix serve with butter and powerd sugar.

bitterballen met mosterd, biertje erbij en je hebt een feestje

bitterballen are deep-fried breadcrumb-covered balls with creamy meat-ragout fillings, traditionally made with beef, beef broth, flour, and seasonings

Dutch Cocoa.

"Droste effect" - The Dutch chocolate maker Droste, famous for the visual effect on its boxes of cocoa. The image contains itself on a smaller scale. This is called the "Droste effect"


One of the things that is present throughout most cities is a "snackmuur" from which you can buy fried snacks.

Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima

Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima-now King Willem


one of my favorite things about the Netherlands; waffle cookies filled with caramel; set them over a hot cup of tea and the caramel softens to perfection"