Castle Centerpiece From Recycled Cardboard Tubes - creative jewish mom

Castle Craft From Recycled Tubes/cute idea for the kids to do during the party.start saving all toilet paper roll, paper towel rolls etc.

cardboard squares with notches cut out for building art. got a plethora of cardboard on hand now to do this!

In the Children's Room: 25 Days of Art: Building Squares with instructions on how to make your own cardboard squares

zig zag houses 3-d paper for Neighborhood unit

Zig Zag Paper Houses - Kids can make a whole paper village, then uses toy cars to drive through it! These look like they would also make great Father's Day cards too! / lilla a:design

Building with recycled materials - center for early finishers

Building with recycled materials - center for early finishers- Buildings Study, Reduce/Reuse/Recycle Study

Happy Houses

Possible or Veva Dunckel / artist. Love these "Happy Houses" - wood with collage trinkets.