1.This is a diagram of the "ohm" symbol, used in Hindu meditation. 2.It represents various ideas about what warship and meditation should be. 3.Honestly the symbol just seems to hold great significance.

is a diagram of the "ohm" symbol, used in Hindu meditation. represents various ideas about what warship and meditation should be. the symbol holds great significance.

this is the human condition and the practice summed up in one diagram. ..yogamattie.com:

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Early morning recitation will create an attitude of relaxation while increasing pranic energy for the day. Evening chanting will induce mental calm, physical relaxation and act as a sleep tonic. That's my Mantra.

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The power of OM! *oneness ~ wholeness ~ infinity ~ stillness ~ presence ~ liberty ~ inspiration ~ namaste ~ magic is in the air* -Ro M.

Om Symbol in Karuna Reiki--Article by Reiki Master Sunetra Dasgupta--Om or Aum is a very powerful symbol in Karuna® Reiki system. Om represents the entire universe it is also said to be the source of all creation. The beauty about the Om/Aum symbol is one can also use it, if they are not attuned to Reiki.

Om Symbol

Namaste Symbol | Aum Om Simbolo Symbol Yoga Namaste Peace Gray 5 dingle peacesymbol.org ... I'm getting this as a tattoo.

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BHAGAVAD GITA {17 , 22 }  Be considerate and compassionate to those less fortunate than you. Charity should be given without humiliating the receiver. Charity given by humiliating the receiver destroys the giver (VR 1.13.33). One should always remember that God is both the giver and the receiver.

The answers…

Be still and know. The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still.

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OM in different scripts - chanting and meditation can help you through the anxiety and stress associated with surgery! (links to a bariatric surgery site.really I just liked the different OM versions.

The 7 chakras: Crown - self knowledge, Third eye - understanding, Throat - self…

lotus mandala with all the chakra symbols. I don't believe in literal chakras but I find the beauty of the concept fascinating

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ॐ ~ ღ OM (A-U-M) . the One sacred sound from which all word variations originate.Considered the "sound of all sounds" because it originates from the sounds of nature.