De Rijp, The Netherlands

De Rijp (The Netherlands) by Jan Siebring / Once famous for it's herring industry, now known for it's rijksmonuments, including some of the oldest wooden houses in North Holland (Wikipedia).


Lucas Stevense Van Voorhees, my great grandfather, was born in 1670 in Drenthe, The Netherlands. He settled in Flatlands, NY and died in 1713

HARBOR AT HOORN 11 x 16 Fine Art Photograph por photosbyclaudia

Favorite Sea Village in the Netherlands - HOORN, absolutely clean, quaint, untouched by wars

Hoorn,The Netherlands

Founded in Hoorn rapidly grew to become a major harbor town.During Holland's Golden Age, Hoorn was an important home base for the Dutch East India Company and very prosperous center of trade, in the Netherlands

Groningen, my hometown... I miss you.

largest city in the north of the Netherlands. An old city, Groningen was the regional power of the northern Netherlands, a semi-independent city-state and member of the German Hanseatic League.