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ADCN Book Cover Project

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Tjeerd Veenhoven ‘Sustainability from a designers perspective’ Reclaimed potato starch binder, backyard grasses and grains. What’s in your own backyard can be much more than compost. With some persistence and perspective waste turns into value as these bio-laminates prove. Team Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven


Marcel Kampman ‘A subjective representation of the sky’ CNC cut and UV printed PVC plastic. Nothing is what it seems. This subjective representation of the sky over 84 Kingsland Road (London E2 8DP on Friday 2 January 2015, recorded in 30 minute steps during 24 hours) is a reminder of the fact that nothing what you see must be taken for granted and that you should always be fully and continuous context conscious. Team Marcel Kampman • Alfons Dolsma • Dolsma Special…


Thijs Biersteker ‘The cover that judges you’ Face tracking technology: Adobe NXT, Robotics: Audio Arduino + Custom Copper Mechanics Paper, Foam. I hate it when my skepticism and judgment gets in the way of amazement and wonderment. That’s why I created a book that only lets you read it when you approach it without any judgment. Great for a book that’s full of creative work that has already been judged and awarded.


RJW Elsinga ‘Inspiration Blooming’ 3D printed polyamide. The Dutch creative landscape decoratively visualized as a blooming meadow & interconnected ecosystem. Grow & bloom, give & receive, shine & spark. The typical ADCN-bulb highlights the most inspiring flowers.


Stang ‘Crystal clear indistinctness’ 9 layers of plexiglass, laser cutting technology. Normally I always work in a very clear and bright style, but now I wanted to create an abstract image with technique as a starting point, so you don’t immediately see what you’re actually looking at. Team


Waag Society • Open Wetlab ‘iDentity’ Made from bacteria. The work shows an enlargement of the fingerprint of the German Interior Minister Schauble poured into a breeding ground for bacteria. It is a reminder of the fact that our bio(metric) fingerprints are up for grabs. Fingerprints are stolen from photos, and the bacteria that you carry with you pass along information about where you’ve been, and, possibly, with whom. Team Team Waag Society • Open Wetlab

buurmen ‘Refreshing Book Cover’ RGB LED Matrix, Arduino microcontrollers, acrylic sheet, internet. As soon as a book is printed, it is no longer in the now on a material level but becomes part of the cloud of data surrounding it. Capturing the now constructs a social sculpture that’s always in motion. Team David Veneman & Tom Laan van

De Culinaire Werkplaats ‘Think orange — the essence of NL’ Carrot in 12 different ways. We explore and address all kinds of societal issues, themes, matters by creating playful edible communication triggers. The various textures of an orange carrot showcase the variety, the talents, the DNA of the Dutch society and dutch way of thinking and creating. Team de culinaire werkplaats Marjolein Wintjes & Eric Meursing

ByBorre ‘It will be more than a layer’ Cotton, polyester, conducting yarn and a solder machine. We are surrounded by textiles every moment of our lives. Imagine that it is more that just a functional layer, the possibilities could be endless.

Oak & Morrow ‘All a book wants is to be touched’ Screen print with thermic paint and some magic. I love looking at objects as if they have a personality. What would they think? What would they yearn for? In this case its a book that wants to be touched and looked through. Just putting him on a shelf to look pretty makes the book sad and fade away. Team Jeroen van Geel, Marten de Jongh & Sophia Altekamp • Oak & Morrow ZenkOne, Zeloot & Marijke Buurlage Taco Ekkel • Q42